The Basics of Developing A Video Game

While most of us have played a video game, have you ever thought about developing your own? The truth is that the process is not as complicated as you might think it is. However, it helps to keep in mind that everyone struggles to create their first video game. The first attempt is rarely perfect and is often flawed. Yet, with practice, it can gradually become easier and easier to do.

The first step in designing a video game is to create a prototype for it. This gives you a basic framework for future versions of your game. As long as it initially has some working mechanics and a basic design, it can be improved upon in the future. It is easy to become so excited and overwhelmed that your prototype includes many more mechanics than it reasonably should. Excessive amounts of content are a common mistake made when developing a video game for the first time.

Start with an idea

developing video gameStarting with one basic idea is the best way to create a video game initially. Elements that should be left out at this point in the process include 3D graphics and multiplayer functions. These are elements that need to be added in towards the end of the process, after the game has been through many edits and changes.

Finding a free tool online will help you bring your video game from prototype to final product. The easiest programs to use are Twine, Stencyl, and GameMaker. For video games with a choose-your-own adventure feel, Twine is the ideal program to use. The program makes it easy for you to convert your game to an HTML file so that you can share it online. Its included visual editor is easy to use and will help you get professional looking results. All you have to do is input basic commands and the story you want your game to tell, and the program will do the rest. Even if you are a beginner when it comes to this type of technology, Twine will help you feel like a professional game developer.


Stencyl is also an option if you are seeking a program that is particularly user friendly. Practically any type of game you want to create can be done by using this program. By arranging codes into blocks of data, the program connects all the blocks for you. You will also find that this program includes sample games and you can use those as a basis to start developing your own game. The knowledge you gain from using Stencyl can even help you go on to develop online flash games.

While GameMaker and Stencyl are similar, the former offers more options as it also has a paid version. The paid version of GameMaker allows you to format your games without needing to have any formal knowledge on how to do so.

Developing your own video game can be done using one of these three programs. They will get you started quickly.