Pros and Cons of Video Games

There are several positive and negative things about playing video games. In 2018 there are expected to be more games than ever before. But with the positive thing that this means there are of course also some negative effects. This article will describe a few of the pros and cons of video games in 2018.


  • Improved decision making & problem-solving skills

The design of most typical video games is that they are based on the premise of solving problems and figuring out how to beat the game. For persons who play especially strategic and fast-paced games, some studies have shown that these players tend to make decisions faster in real life.

The simulated conditions of video games help players improve their decision-making abilities in real life. Games that require players to be highly strategic, help to improve problem-solving skills of players in real life. Fast-paced games also tend to help players adapt and react to changing situations and scenarios more effectively.

  • Develops specific interest

pros cons gaming 2018Video games generally tend to be based on a specific theme or subject matter. A lot of work and expertise goes into many games to make them as authentic and realistic as possible. There are great depth and richness in the characters of the game, how the story develops, the specific fantasy world that is created among many other creations.

All these factors work together to engage the player as much as possible and the more a player understands the game the better he plays. Certain interests can be sparked through the playing of video games such as a deeper appreciation and interest of certain historical eras or an interest in computer coding, video game designing or website development.

Video games can to an extent replace potential vices that young people may otherwise fall into such as drinking alcohol, smoking or eating too much. Playing games too much can become a vice in itself; however, playing video games in moderation can serve as a more suitable alternative for relaxation and recreational activity. Specific games such as puzzle games and strategy games can promote better mental health.


  • Costing money

To play games in 2018 are not for free. There are of course a lot of games you can play for free but if you want a new item or new skin you will have to pay for it. To keep up with the performance and graphics you also need to buy new hardware once in a while. Today many games are just like a casino. You will have to pay some money to continue. Many things that are entertaining cost money so it is not a bad thing in itself. If you enjoy video games there is not a big step to take to try a casino. The game can be as or not more entertaining because it brings a whole new level of possibilities to winning real money. Check out to compare and find new casino sites 2018. In 2018 Viking, Narcos and many other popular TV-series will become video slots so check it out.

  • Compromised health

Many video games tend to be sedentary with players sitting a lot and being exposed to hours and hours of screen time. This leads to reduced physical activity and exercise, unhealthy eating habits and disrupted sleep patterns which all contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle and conditions such as obesity.

In addition to physical health, many psychological stresses may also develop when video games become an addiction. Players become withdrawn and impair important social relationships with their families and friends. They may also develop self-esteem issues, suffer dark moods and depression and develop social anxieties. Long exposure to video games or violent nature may also trigger violent behaviour in younger people.