Millenipede is a fast-paced arcade shoot em up inspired by the classic Atari game Centipede. It was originally developed in less than seven days for the 94th Wednesday Workshop at SoCoder, but since then its sort of grown and developed a life of its own – nothing groundbreaking, but curiously good fun

Millenipede crittersYour aim is to zap all of the millenipedes on each wave while dodging spiders, snails and of course the millenipedes themselves. Theyll make their way down the screen until eventually they hit the bottom, at which point they will roam around the player area until you shoot them.

Each dead millenipede will, for some environmentally friendly reason, grow into a mushroom. These serve no purpose aside from blocking the movement of other millenipedes and hindering your bullets. Each mushroom takes four shots to completely destroy. If you touch any enemy, be it a millenipede, spider or snail, you lose a life – but if you can manage to shoot them first then a nice points bonus will head your way.

Download the game for Windows or Intel Mac and see how long you can survive!