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Soon this year has come to an end and we have seen a lot of new interesting technical advancements. IoT, Internet of Things, might be the part that has evolved the most. Of course, it has been around before, but during 2019 we think it really has taken some huge steps. Now, your vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, car and many other domestic machines are connected to your phone. At all time. This is what we really think this past year stands for. However, now we also want to look a bit more into the future and what 2020 holds for us.

2020 – The year of 5G and much more

We are getting used to an internet connection that always runs fast and works great. With the 4G network, we were able to use our phones own connection almost as if we were on wifi. But, in 2020 we will see the next step of this, something that most probably will shake the world. Speed up to 10Gb/second is expected once it has been rolled out. As you can imagine, this will result in mobile browsing and gaming reaching a whole new level. To learn more about this as well as a very interesting article about how the iGaming bonus in 2020 will develop we can recommend which finds a new and interesting angle on this matter.

New games we are looking forward to in 2020

2020We can discuss the remake release of Final Fantasy VII as well as the new Halo, but we won’t. Sure, we know there are a lot of players that that love these games and we are certain they will deliver what’s expected from them. However, what we are absolutely most interested in for 2020 is; The Last of Us 2. Even though it has been delayed a number of times, 20th of May 2020 is the release date right now. The first game, released in 2013, was of the biggest successes that year and for many years ahead. Naughty Dog, also known for Crash Bandicoot and many other games, really made a name for themselves with The Last of Us. You will be able to play it on PS4, PlayStation 4, and this will actually be one of the last games coming to this platform. Because a PS5 is also about to hit the market. At the time of writing, it is still uncertain what exact date, but this surely is something that could make a big impact on the gaming in 2020 as well.

How to make a good video game

Making a video game can be a rather painstaking process that you can go through. But if you wish to make a high-quality game – then you must invest a lot of effort into it. How do you actually create a good video game? The market is oversaturated with thousands of games that are rather mediocre. There are a few things that you must do if you are to create a good game that stands out. Read the article below and you will find out exactly what it is that you must do.

making a video gameStart with a solid idea

The first thing that you must develop for a video game is the idea. You have to base your game on something. It could be a sports game or an action game. It could be a horror game or a puzzle game. You should really ponder this element out deeply before you start giving your game a structure. What will your game be about? What will the objectives be? How will the player play the game? All of these things are very important in the overall game design.

Game structure

The next thing that you do is give the game structure. What will the graphics be like? What will it look like? Personally, we think that the graphics of a video game are an overrated factor. Many of the top video game companies put their entire efforts and focus on the graphics of the game that they are designing. The truth is that the design of the graphics of the game comes in second place. The most important factor is the actual gameplay. The game could look better than real life – but if the gameplay is subpar then it will falter. However, it is very important to you still make the game look as well as possible.

Make a fun game

And we have come to the critical part – the one part that will either make or break your game. We’re talking about the gameplay, of course. This is the most difficult and most potentially rewarding part to design. Above all – you need to make sure that the game is fun to play. Nobody will want to play a boring game. It’s very important to make a testing phase of the game. Ask people to play it and tell you if they like it. Ask them what you can improve in the game before releasing the final version. You will see that many of the newer games have their “alpha” version made entirely for testing out the game by players. One good inspiration for creating a new game is to look at popular video slots. Their mechanics, characters and the constant need of playing more is all good to think of. One of the best sites to learn more about this is casinomir.

By following the advice from above you will definitely make a good video game. However, in order to make a truly great game that stands out – you need to go beyond this article. You need to put your soul into the creation of the game – and not many people are prepared to do this. Talent is one thing and work ethic is another. Only by combining the two and by finding that special, X-factor, you will create a truly great game.

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