Baseball for Playstation – MLB The Show

Hi and welcome back to FireStormProductions! Many sports today are being cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus, and baseball surely is one of those having problem with this. Read more about the COVID-19 impact on baseball here to see what we can expect from the coming season. Everything is being affected by the virus, but video games are going really strong. So, if you want to get some baseball fever right now, we want to tell you about MLB The Show, a video game for Playstation released last year.

MLB The Show – About the game

This is an official game by Sony Interactive Entertainment and you can expect all the “right” players and teams. Being the lastest of games, the graphics are as good as they can be and the player-experience is broader than ever before. In MLB The Show, you get the possibility to choose from building your own player and make it all the way to the Hall of Fame, or to focus on your team to take it to victory. The Diamond Dynasty has been introduced before, but in this new edition you can try out Showdown, a brand new experience.

mlb the show 2020 baseball game

If you don’t own a Playstation, or might just be interested in other baseball games, you can read this article to find the best baseball games ever: We hope, just as you do, that we will be able to watch baseball games live soon again. But, in the meantime, hopefully this article will help you out a bit!

We will soon be back again with more news and fun articles!