Pros and Cons of Video Games

There are several positive and negative things about playing video games. In 2018 there are expected to be more games than ever before. But with the positive thing that this means there are of course also some negative effects. This article will describe a few of the pros and cons of video games in 2018.


  • Improved decision making & problem-solving skills

The design of most typical video games is that they are based on the premise of solving problems and figuring out how to beat the game. For persons who play especially strategic and fast-paced games, some studies have shown that these players tend to make decisions faster in real life.

The simulated conditions of video games help players improve their decision-making abilities in real life. Games that require players to be highly strategic, help to improve problem-solving skills of players in real life. Fast-paced games also tend to help players adapt and react to changing situations and scenarios more effectively.

  • Develops specific interest

pros cons gaming 2018Video games generally tend to be based on a specific theme or subject matter. A lot of work and expertise goes into many games to make them as authentic and realistic as possible. There are great depth and richness in the characters of the game, how the story develops, the specific fantasy world that is created among many other creations.

All these factors work together to engage the player as much as possible and the more a player understands the game the better he plays. Certain interests can be sparked through the playing of video games such as a deeper appreciation and interest of certain historical eras or an interest in computer coding, video game designing or website development.

Video games can to an extent replace potential vices that young people may otherwise fall into such as drinking alcohol, smoking or eating too much. Playing games too much can become a vice in itself; however, playing video games in moderation can serve as a more suitable alternative for relaxation and recreational activity. Specific games such as puzzle games and strategy games can promote better mental health.


  • Costing money

To play games in 2018 are not for free. There are of course a lot of games you can play for free but if you want a new item or new skin you will have to pay for it. To keep up with the performance and graphics you also need to buy new hardware once in a while. Today many games are just like a casino. You will have to pay some money to continue. Many things that are entertaining cost money so it is not a bad thing in itself. If you enjoy video games there is not a big step to take to try a casino. The game can be as or not more entertaining because it brings a whole new level of possibilities to winning real money. Check out to compare and find new casino sites 2018. In 2018 Viking, Narcos and many other popular TV-series will become video slots so check it out.

  • Compromised health

Many video games tend to be sedentary with players sitting a lot and being exposed to hours and hours of screen time. This leads to reduced physical activity and exercise, unhealthy eating habits and disrupted sleep patterns which all contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle and conditions such as obesity.

In addition to physical health, many psychological stresses may also develop when video games become an addiction. Players become withdrawn and impair important social relationships with their families and friends. They may also develop self-esteem issues, suffer dark moods and depression and develop social anxieties. Long exposure to video games or violent nature may also trigger violent behaviour in younger people.

Some Thoughts on Spread Betting

What is spread betting?

Spread betting is a speculative activity to make money by taking advantage of price movements of financial assets without actually owning the asset. This is a tax-free form of gambling in the UK. Many people have tried this type of betting but be aware that many loose! Here is an article from Guardian about the subject.

In spread betting, you basically predict whether a particular asset will increase or decrease in market price. If your market prediction is correct, you profit from this movement and if your market prediction is wrong, you incur a loss instead.

The more accurate your prediction, the higher your profits and equally, the further you are from the actual market movement, the greater your losses. When you bet that the market price of an asset will increase, this is referred to as going long and when you bet that the asset’s market price will decrease – this is otherwise referred to as going short.

What is a spread?

spread bettingThe term spread refers to the relationship between the two prices that affect or influence the market price movement of the underlying asset. These two prices are commonly known as the bid price and the offer price.

All costs that arise out of the speculative trading of financial assets are incorporated into these prices thus ensuring that the buying price will always be a bit higher than the market price and the selling price will be a bit lower than the market price.

For example, if a particular financial asset is trading at 7545.5 and has a one point spread, the offer price would be 7546 and the bid price would be 7545 respectively. In a nutshell, spread betting involves placing a bet on the likelihood of a financial asset either moving above or below the spread.

Advantages of spread betting

Tax-free – One of the biggest advantages of this form of gambling is that it is tax-free and therefore any profits you make are all yours. You will not have to fill any forms or documentation to declare your gains on your annual tax return reporting.

Consequently, though, any losses you make out of spread betting cannot be offset against any capital gains that you may have made elsewhere. Note that these are regulations that can change so always check the current tax regulations!

Controlled bets – It is important to note that profits and losses on spread bets can be open-ended and that means that you will not know beforehand how much profit or loss you will make initially.

There are however controlled risk bets offered by brokers that involve fixing the limit of potential risks and this provides better peace of mind even though they tend to be more expensive than a normal spread betting trade.

Pros and Cons of Digital Game Downloads


  • Pre-Download

One of the main benefits of buying a game online is the ease and convenience of getting your hands on your favorite game without the hustle and bustle of leaving your house. You can even pre-pay and download the game earlier than the release date although the content will be locked until the day of release.

  • Access

You have a wider variety of game options when you download them instead of getting physical copies. With downloads, you can switch between games at the touch of a button and get instant access to new games to your console’s hard drive without the physical exertion of getting physical ones.

  • Clutter

The downside of boxed games is that it turns your space into a complete mess. Boxed games take up lots of space and are usually are an eyesore. The upside of downloads is that everything is stored electronically on your console’s hard drive.

digital downloadsCons

  • Ownership

When you buy a physical copy of a game, you are actually purchasing a license to own that particular piece of media. This is essentially differently when you download a game. Your rights are limited with downloads because the rights of that game remain with the developer.

With a physical copy, you can resell, auction, give it away or do what you want with it. Should your account get hacked and investigations launched by a developer, all your downloaded games are inaccessible as long as your account is suspended and under investigation by the developer.

  • Prices

Typically, most downloaded games are much more expensive than buying a physical copy of a game. The price of games on online stores is higher than purchasing a game in retail stores.

  • Space

There is only so much space that your hard drive can accommodate and therefore, more often than not there will come a time when you either have to invest in extra space or delete a game to create space.

Granted, you can always re-download a deleted game when you so choose, nonetheless, it is so much easier to just pop a physical copy and play.

  • Bandwidth

The essence of downloading a game is that you need to have good bandwidth speeds otherwise you can end up spending up to 24 hours downloading a game. With a physical copy, you simply pop it in and play instantly without having to waste hours and paying for the cost of the bandwidth to download.

Notable Game Development Companies in the UK

The game development industry is an important part of the UK economy and these are some notable game development companies in the UK that are making waves all over the country and globally:


Ustwo is a London-based game development company that developed the popular puzzle game Monument Valley for iPhone and iPad users. This particular puzzle game won in 2014 a prestigious Apple design award. The startup company was founded by Matt Miller and his friend John Sinclair.

The popular game Monument Valley was initially free but was afterward priced at just under £4.00 with the number of Apple downloads hitting 26 million in just over a year by May 2016.

The company also develops software and apps for other game companies, for example, the software for Tesco tablets and has also worked on Google’s operating system, in particular, their Android Watch system.

Rockstar North

company profiles gamingRockstar North game development company is based in Edinburg and is renowned for making the widely popular game franchise Grand Theft Auto. Other game franchises to their credit are the Max Payne series, Red Dead Redemption, and Lemmings. The game Max Payne has also been turned into a movie.

Rockstar North was founded by two brothers: Sam and Dan Houser in 1998 and BMG Interactive was its predecessor. The popular game Grand Theft Auto V is one of their most profitable games and it made $1 billion in sales in 3 days after its release.

Rebellion Games

Rebellion Games is a British game development company based in Oxford. It is well-known for making action games and its most popular game franchises to date are the Aliens vs. Predators franchise and the Super Elite franchise.

Rebellion Games was founded in 1992 by two brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley who had also shared a passion for playing and making games. Rebellion Games is one of the few successful game companies that have remained fiercely independent.

The company has also diversified into other fields such as comic books publishing through the Abaddon Books imprint.

Sports Interactive

Sports Interactive Company is a video game developer based in London and is renowned for the popular Football Manager series. It was founded in 1994 by the Collyer brothers and in 2006 was acquired by video game publisher Sega.

Football Manager has become a highly influential video game because it mimics to a great deal the real world of football management from player transfers to handling the media to injury management.

Benefits of Video Game Design

  1. You make your own games

The game industry is becoming more and more competitive and many graduates are flooding the job market every year hoping to land a cushy position in a game studio of their dreams.

While this is not possible for all graduates, as a game designer, you are able to make your own games by getting involved with other fellow independent developers and creating your own projects.

By taking advantage of such opportunities, you are able to stay afloat financially while gaining valuable experience in the gaming sector.

  1. It’s not just a job but a passion

video game designThe gaming industry is not your regular 8 to 5 job that most people are familiar with. The sad truth is that countless of people today are not doing what they love but are working in jobs that they don’t like and that has nothing to do with what they studied for.

For those that love the world of gameplay, creating characters and fantasy worlds, becoming a game designer is the perfect opportunity to turn what you dreamt of doing when you were younger into a career.

In addition to loving your work, depending on your experience and where you work, the pay and benefits of game developers are also pretty good.

  1. You don’t need a degree to make games

It is not a requirement that you have a degree for you to become a games designer. Most people do tend to have gone to college and learn new tools and receive instruction however what employers are looking for is a designer who is capable of making games.

Hands-on experience is the best mode of developing skills and gaining experience and lots of practical experience is more beneficial than theory. That being said, a good program or course that gives hands-on learning and instruction is still a better way to enter the games industry.

  1. You get to be creative every day

The one essential skill that you require as a games designer is creativity and lots and lots of it. As a designer, you are the idea behind the product and therefore, the rest of the team is depending on you to come up with interesting, unique and exciting concepts that programmers and artists can bring to life.

As a game designer, you are a problem solver as you come up with innovative ways to work around changes and keep the core of the game fun and intact.

New Games 2018

This year is soon coming to an end and we have started to look at what to come in 2018. We are very excited about what we have read so far. The market is exploding with new and innovative games. The games are popping up in all forms and on all platforms. The obvious trends are mobile and VR but there are also more advanced technology and niche trends. One type of games that we would like to dig into a little bit extra today is casino games. Maybe you are not familiar with how these games look today but many of them are very similar to mobile games. With casinos with gamification, you can make adventures, challenges, puzzles and clues to have more fun. The graphics and sound are amazing and there is already VR games to the casino. If you are looking for a casino online 2018 there are hundreds of them. The most difficult part is to find a casino that suits you.

New Casino 2018

A new casino 2018 is often better than other alternatives. You will get the latest design and graphics. Not only of the games itself but also on the lobby, filtering options and the VIP clubs. The best part of new casinos 2018 is that you will find the best bonuses with the most amount of free spins. By getting the best bonus you will, of course, have a bigger chance to win the big jackpot that we all wish for. Find a new casino 2018 and enjoy the fun.

new casino 2018

Have fun while playing games 2018

The most important part of playing games is to have fun. It does not matter if you play online casino, mobile games, strategy games or chess. The most important part of playing games is to have fun. If you are playing with money you should only play with money that you do not need. Make sure to read the terms of use and security policies if you want to play at a casino. If you or anyone that you know is having problems with gaming related problems, please contact or any other organisation that can help you. We wish you all the best and have fun while playing games in 2018.

MTG acquires Kongregate

Media group MGT acquires the the game company Kongregate, based in San Francisco. The company rises on the stock exchange after the announcement.

More media

The media group MTG acquires game company Kongregate, based in San Francisco, which is a American publicist and game developer. Sellers are the current owner GameStop Corp. The transaction is based on a valuation of the Company (Enterprise Value) of $ 55 million and is subject to regulatory approvals and other terms. This is stated in the company’s press release.



Great Revenue for Kongregate

Kongregate increased its net sales (net of revenue shared with developers) in 2016 by 38 percent to $ 35 million total, with mobile revenue generated by purchases within games and advertising sales growing by 74 %. Kongregate is expected to sell at least $ 50 million this year with a margin of about 10 %.

Kongregate attracts up to 14 million active users every month, across all platforms, with more than a hundred thousand games on its browser-based platform  – and over 100 million downloads for 45 games in the most famous app-stores.

Started as a Browser-based service

The company started as a browser-based platform for web games and has since expanded its business to include games for both mobile platforms and the Valve Steam platform, as well as its own game development as a result of the acquisition. Kongregate also extends its activities to its own game development.

As a publicist, Kongregate agrees with game developers to share revenues. MTG and Kongregate intend to acquire additional game developers, who will benefit from Kongregate’s global user network and ability to generate traffic as well as their relationships with publishers and third party platforms.

The investment follows MTG’s recent buyout of 51 % of the Hamburg-based game developer InnoGames in 2016 and 2017.

Investments in line with strategy

Kongregate has also begun publishing its own gaming rights through the newly acquired San Diago-based Ultrabit. Ultrabit has developed the successful titles ‘Raid Brigade’, ‘Pocket Politics’ and recently ‘Office Space: Idle Profits’, based on the cult film.

” Games online are 1 of our 3 digital entertainment vertices and we establish ourselves in a industry, that is expected to host around $ 130 billion the year 2020, with Mobile games as the fastest growing segment. People spend almost one third of their daily time on mobile devices playing games. We are looking forward to welcoming the highly talented and experienced team to MTG. “Says Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, CEO of MGT.